: Mme. Solange Golovine

Mme. Solange GolovineAs an artist I always sought to improve my technique and style and my greatest wish was to study under renowned Russian Ballet Stars from the Diaghilev Ballet Company who were the leading dance teachers in Paris during the 50’s and 60’s. I was still studying in London at the time and never had the chance of studying in Paris. However, this opportunity came later in my life when I got to know that Mme. Solange Golovine from the Marqius de Cuevas Ballet Company had her own school in Rue St. Georges in the heart of Paris. This was the closest I could get to the Stars of the Maryinsky Theatre, so I couldn’t miss this opportunity to make my dream come true by doing everything I could to have Mme Golvine as my teacher. I went to Paris and enrolled at her school and to my delight I struck up an amazing personal rapport with this fascinating artist and teacher.
Mme. Golovine came from a family of gifted dancers whose three brothers Jean George and Serge danced and enjoyed illustrious careers in Paris and internationally.

I attended her school regularly visiting Paris four to five times a year for two consecutive years. She took me under her care and guidance and invited me to stay with her every time I came to Paris for my studies. This was a beautiful personal and professional experience. Her work was very pure and originating from a great Russian ballet tradition. My experience with Mme Golovine was not only artistic; it was also spiritual. She would work me every day for two hours constantly with lessons to find my centre and pulling up through the body so the final result was a feeling of lightness as air. This is also something that I will always treasure in my work as a dancer and hopefully pass it on to my students as a teacher. One day I returned to her school to find out that she was taken seriously ill and was recovered in a home. This was indeed one of the saddest days of my life. I never saw Mme. Golovine again but will never forget her kindness and the class and fine art she imparted to me.

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