:Biographical Notes

A Life Truly Dedicatted To Dance

1951 – 1960  
-Commenced Classical Ballet in Malta at the Russian Ballet Academy under the direction of a Russian tutor Princess Nathalie Poutiatine.

-Auditioned successfully for the Royal Ballet School, England.

1959 – 1960 
-Attended the Vacani School of Dancing, Knightsbridge, (tutors to the British Royal Family since 1936, specialized in Children’s Ballet classes.

1961 – 1965 
-Continued professional studies in London at Nesta Brooking  Choreographic School, covering Ballet, Modern Jazz, Contemporary Character, Art, Music and Drama.

-Founded her own ballet school and the Enrico Cecchetti Method in Classical Ballet in Malta, introducing for the first time in Malta a graded system of examinations.

-In 1981 she merged with Princess Nathalie Poutiatine Academy, the first Russian Academy founded in Malta in 1927. 

-She also formed the first professional dance company – Tanya Bayona Dance Theatre, performing in festivals, conventions, and state occasions in Malta and in Europe.


1965 – 1971 
Professional dance engagements include:
-Performing with Minerva Ballet Company and London Theatre Ballet Company Repertoire included “Swanlake”, “Coppelia”, “Sleeping Beauty”. 
-Musicals included “No, No Nanette” in Dublin and Cork, “Eamon Andrews T.V. Summer Show” and Pantomine “Jack and the Beanstalk” at The Royal Windsor Theatre in Windsor.
-Musical Films included “The Intelligence Men”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Carry on Henry” and “Life of Galileo”.

1971- 1996   
-Dancing professionally in television shows and theatre performances in Malta and performing with her own dance company in Europe.

GUEST TEACHER in Classical & Contemporary Ballet

1963 – 1965  
-Nesta Brooking Studios in London and Seaford, Doris Steiner School of Ballet  in Ascot, Dulwich, London, and at Parahaye House, South Kensington, London. 
-Assisted various examiners including Felicity Jaffe, Betty Vacani and Nesta Brooking.

1965 – 1971  
-Cecchetti Summer School, London Vacani School of Dancing, Knightsbridge.

-American College, Rome.

1979 – 1980  
-“Stage” at Teatro Massimo, Bellini, Catania, and regular guest teaching  in schools in Catania for two years.
- “Stage” in Perugia.

-International Summer Dance School at Hatfield College, Hertsfordshire teaching choreography.
-Guest of the Czech Cultural Ministry and the National State Academy teaching
various dance companies.

-The Vaganova Ballet Academy, St. Petersburg, for one month.

1981 – 2004  
-From 1981 directed successfully Tanya Bayona Princess Poutiatine Academy of Ballet – Malta, achieving excellent examination results in the Cecchetti method. 
-Founded the Spanish Dance Society introducing a graded system of exams.


-Ravenna, International Stage under the direction of Bjorn Holmgren of the Royal Swedish Opera House.

-Guest of the Italian Ministry of Culture, visiting Teatro Alla Scala di Milano and Scuola di Ballo for two weeks.
-Guest of the Czech Cultural Ministry visiting State Academy in Prague.
-Invited to attend “The Prague Spring” festival for several years.

-Angers, Viola Faber Dance Company for two weeks, as guest of the French Ministry of Culture and visiting The Paris Opera Ballet Academy.

-Attended professional courses for two years under the direction of Mme. Solange Golovine in Paris.
-Guest of the Soviet Ministry of Culture visiting State Academy Choreographic School, The Bolshoi Theatre and School in Moscow.

-Guest of the Russian Ministry of Culture, visiting The Vaganova  Ballet Academy, St.Petersburg, for six weeks studying under the director of MadameKokorina.
-Baltimore, Washington D.C. – attended the 6th Annual International Early Dance Institute organised  by the Historical Dance Foundation Inc. based in New York, at Goucher College,covering Baroque and Renaissance Dance.

1993- 2004  
-Attended  the annual assemblies of  the Association of French Teachers in Paris, working closely with the  dancers and teachers of the Paris Opera Ballet School & Company. 
-Appointed “Delegate” for The Association of French Teachers in Paris.           


1963 – 1965 
-Nesta Brooking Choreographic Art School, London.

1972 – 1973 
-National Academy, Rome.


-Choreographer for “Malta Hagar Qim”, performing with her own company together with the English Ballet company of Denis Stoll Egyptian Dancers.

-Guest artist With the Brno Czech State Ballet Company choreographing together with Vivienne Fielding the ballet “Awakening”, music by Keith Jarre.

-July 1983 Organised the first Summer Ballet School as part of the Malta International Arts Festival with the participation of Anya Evans and Derek Purnell from the Royal Ballet Company – London.

-“Movements and Contrasts” presented at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta, on the occasion of the inauguration of Tanya Bayona Dance Theatre Company.

-St. Gaudens, France, Dance Festival celebrating “Trois Journéesde Danse”

-“A Celebration of Dance” presented at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of the Cecchetti Method in Malta.

-Mdina ’91 Flower Festival.
-"Dance Overture” presented at the Manoel Theatre, Valletta, on the occasion of the Ports of Call Mystery Trip 1991.
-“Dance Concepts” presented for the Malta International Arts Festival.

-Presented the Academy at the Livorno Dance Festival “Coreografie D’Autore” organized by A.E.D. – Associazione Europea Danza.
-"Ballet Baroque” presented during the Mediterranean Nights Festival.

-Invited once again by A.E.D. to represent Malta and participate in the final Gran Gala “Coreografie D’Autore” dedicated to Tchaikovsky.
-“Dance Gala Performance” presented at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, on the occasion of the visit of Dame Beryl Grey to Malta.

-Presented members of the company at the international Gala performance“Paco & Friends” organized by Art Forum Schaffhausen in Switzerland and Germany.
-Presented the company and senior members of the academy at the Malta Tunisia  Evening in Sousse, Tunisia, on the initiative of the Malta Tunisian Society.
-Choreography for a ballet during Holy Mass on the occasion of the inauguration of the Salesian European Games in Malta.
-Organised a Spanish Dance Charity Gala in aid of the Rwanda Refugees, at the Cittadella, Gozo, Malta.

-“The Legacy of Dance” presented at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, on the occasion of the 55th Anniversary of Princess Poutiatine Academy of Ballet, with international guest artists from the Bolshoi.  Guest of Honour was M. Jean Robin, Vice Président, Comité Francais de la Danse, Vice-Président, Conseil International de la Danse, UNESCO.
-Presented Gala Dinner Performance on the occasion of the 34th I.C.C.A. General Assembly in Malta organized by the National Tourism Organisation - Malta.
- Presented “Soirée de Gala” on the occasion of the Gala Dinner in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund organized by the Alliance Français de Malte, in the presence of H.E. The President of Malta, Dr. Ugo Mifsud  Bonnici and other dignitaries.

2000- 2001 
-Worked for two years as choreographer on the operas “Aida” and “La Gioconda” with  New York stage director Joseph Bascetta at the Astra Theatre in Gozo, Malta.

2001- 2002 
-Choreographed and directed the celebrations for the French National day – La Féte de la Bastille for the French Embassy in Malta.

-Choreographed the ballet for the opera Rigoletto directed by the international Maltese soprano  Miriam Gauci.

-In 1995 on the initiative of M. Jean Robin President of the National Dance Committee –  France and Milorad Miscovitch, Cultural Ambassador to UNESCO, founded the Dance Council Malta affiliated to C.I.D. UNESCO together with 12 other local dance teachers and dancers founder members.

-In 2000 Ms. Bayona was elected to the executive committee of the International Dance Council UNESCO.

-Invited as member of a prestigious jury for Concours Interantional de Danse in Nice – Prix Julie Sedova.
-Concours de Danse Bayonne – Prix Lucienne Lambale.

-Cecchetti Summer School, London – Choreography Competition.

-Invited to Moscow by the Grand Prix International Video Danse, Paris, as member of the jury for the Category – Dances, Traditions of the World.

-Member of the jury for the Grand Prix International Video Danse held in Malta in the Category – Dances, Traditions of the World.

-Was chairperson of a jury for Bravi a 13 week  television music/ theatre dance  competition for young talent on One TV - Malta 

-Invited as Guest of Honour for the celebrations world day of Dance in Naples by Dr. Gabriella  Stazio Director of. Movimento Danza.

-Invited to examine the end of the year assessments for “Movimento Danza” by its director Dr. Gabrielle Stazio.

-Invited as examiner by Signora. Anna Razzi, director of the Scuola di Ballo del Teatro di San Carlo, Napoli.


-International Summer Ballet Schools in Malta.

-An extraordinary Russian ballet Course for one month with The Vaganova Ballet Academy, St. Petersburg, in collaboration with the Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta.

-Organised the first Video Danse Festival in Malta in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise de Malte and the Embassy of France.
-Dance Week in Malta – a one week programme featuring a photographic exhibition on British Ballet Companies and an exhibition of the works of the Parisian artist Stéphanie Barba; a talk on the History of Ballet by Dame Beryl Grey at the University of Malta and Dance Gala Performance, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre.  This was organised on the occasion of the visit of Dame Beryl Grey to Malta.
-Organised the 6th Grand Prix International Video Danse Jury and Festival in Malta for the Category – Dances, Traditions of the World.

-As President of the Dance Council Malta taught Classical Ballet at local and international Dance Workshops in Ginosa, Italy and Portugal, presented groups in Festivals in Europe and organised  prestigious international events in Malta,  most recent “Dance Beyond” bringing together European State Academies and local Dance Schools in a Pan European Dance Meeting with great success – March 1st & 2nd 2008.


-Illustrated public lecture on Profiles of American Contemporary Choreographers, with dance demonstration at the University of Malta, organized by the American Cultural Centre, USIS

-Invited in Paris by the National Dance Committee of France and I.D.A.C.I. to give an illustrated talk on the life of Princess Poutiatine, her family and her influence of dance in Malta.
Invited by The Friends of The Manoel Theatre to give an illustrated talk on the life of Princess Nathalie Poutiatine, at the Manoel Theatre Foyer, Valletta.

-Organised a talk on The History of British Ballet delivered by Dame Beryl Grey at the University of Malta.
-Organised a public talk at the University of Malta delivered by M. Jean Robin, Vice President of the Conseil International de la Danse, UNESCO, on Memoires de Danse – a retrospective of 20 years of the Festival International de la Danse, Paris.

-Invited to address the Brahma Kumaris University for Spiritual Studies at Mt Abu Dailogue in India.



- 13th December, 2008  - Decorated by the President of the Republic of Malta, Dr Edward Fenech Adami with the Medal for Service to the Republic  - Midalja ghall-Qadi tar-Republika (MQR)- of the National Order of Merit of Malta          

-La Citta di Valletta Award, for life long commitment to the art of dance in Malta.

24 May, 1980 -Poliart  Award given by the Associazione Poliartistica Mediterranea  in recognition of  two years teaching and co-operating with Italian Dance

-Chevalier dans l’ordre des Palmes Académiques Le Medaille de St. Gaudens.     

-The President’s award from the Spanish Dance Society London, for introducing ‘The Spanish Dance Society’ in Malta and for introducing a graded system of exams.

-Awarded the Cecchetti Society Award for introducing the Cecchetti Method in Malta and a loyal service as representative for 35 years of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, London.


-Fluent in Maltese, English, French and Italian. 


-Presently working as organizer/producer of international artistic events, guest teacher/consultant/exminer and choreographer.
-Developing as a yoga teacher with an interesting programme for dancers and enthusiasts.


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